We Are Building a Citizen Developer Corporate Platform

Unified and Modular. The ultimate technology utilization startups for Project and Corporate Management in Indonesia.

Will be Trusted by thousands of customers

The Fastest Way to Build Corporate System

Foster Citizen Developer culture, use Gotong-Royong principle to help IT.

Cloud Tools

Utilize the latest cloud tools

We use latest cloud tools technology to help otomation within a corporate

From Basic

Building Culture from Basic

We build our culture of Citizen Developer and start with any idea to automate things.

Sharing apps, berbagi aplikasi

“We share our journey, our path, our lesson learned so everyone can take benefit of it.”

Hart Exinity Indonesa

A Citizen Developer Company

Sharing apps, berbagi aplikasi

“Learn Appsheet Indonesia by creating App for your cats”

Out PageSpeed Insight Score

“Learn Webflow Indonesia and get the best possible score for mobile from lighthouse and pageSpeed insight”

Out PageSpeed Insight Score

“Learn how Citizen Developer Indonesia can spread by sharing our knowledge.

Start your Citizen Developer Journey, TOGETHER - with us.

1. Start Small

We believe in just start - don't wait

2. Build Fast

Build your automation in less than 1 week

3. Upgrade

Upgrade your apps based on actual condition and findings.

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A Citizen Developer Company